Yacht Controller UK

Yacht Controller is designed to keep you in control of manoeuvring your boat when away from the helm.

Yacht Controller Patented Wireless Remotes are designed safe. Independently CE certificated. Official IMQ Certification. FCC approved design.

Dual transmission frequencies, widely spaced for safety against wideband RF interference. Multiple processor design with diagnostics. IP Rated receiver and cables supplied certified for marine environment. Ergonomic designed levers for safe operational use. Yacht Controller for safety and reliability.

‘Yacht Controller is not a copy… Choose wisely what Company has wireless control of your Yacht’



V.IPS for IPS Pod Drives is one of the latest advances in yachting innovation manoeuvring technology from Yacht Controller.

Fully compatible with Volvo Penta IPS stern pod drives.

Designed with Automatic and Manual control modes it can integrate any bow or stern thrusters installed.

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In Manual Mode the V.IPS reproduces the commands of the fixed IPS Joystick onboard. Selecting Automatic mode will also enable any installed bow or stern thrusters to operate via the joystick and assist the manoeuvring of the yacht.

Thrusters and anchor windlass(s) on the yacht can be controlled independently from the V.IPS Joystick.

Yachts with the IPS joystick having High Mode and Dynamic Positioning Mode enabled can operate these functions from the V.IPS.

Integrates with all models of IPS joysticks. For yacht owners with IPS without joystick Yacht Controller offer the EN-JOY PLUS remote.

V.IPS features wireless charging and Dual Frequency Band Transmission giving peace of mind against unregulated RF disturbances.

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Yacht Controller V.IPS
Yacht Controller Dual Band



“Everyone’s dream is to move freely from bow to stern without having to stay at the helm”

Individual control of your engines, thrusters and windlass from the palm of your hand. It is intuitive and naturally easy to berth your yacht with the DUAL BAND from Yacht Controller.

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As with all the wireless remotes align the boat image on the remote with your yachts bow and all functions come naturally to your fingertips.

The DUAL BAND is the first remote in the Yacht Controller family to operate with dual frequency transmissions which protect from extraneous RF transmissions or disturbances.

Designed with custom Silicone diaphragm switch levers which give you precise control of each engine or thruster with a return to neutral or off when your remove pressure from them.

Wireless remotes are available in two colours Grey or Blue.

A Modular design, easily modifiable in case you want to add new features or transfer to a new yacht.

Available, as with all the Yacht Controller systems, to be compatible with a wide range of electronic helm control levers.

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A natural evolution of the standard DUAL BAND the DUAL BAND PLUS adds features to further enhance the performance of the remote. This wireless remote from Yacht Controller is ideal for larger yachts or displacement vessels with engine controls with acceleration control or for those owners looking for the maximum control from their wireless remote.

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For electronic control heads that offer acceleration option* the remote has 5 profiles selectable that increase the engine rpm over a set period. These are selected by using the ’S’ button and can assist manouvering giving more power during adverse conditions of wind and tide.

The Manual/Automatic mode is selected or toggled on or off using the ‘A’ button. While the remote is in the Manual mode all the engine and thruster levers work independently to operate as requested. The Automatic mode is a useful feature which when selected provides a combination of engines and thrusters to move your yacht easily ahead or astern while including a port or starboard movement. This mode is operational and effective for yachts with only a bow thruster or bow and stern thruster.

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Yacht Controller Dual Band Plus
Yacht Controller EN-JOY



Yacht owners who favour Joystick control now have all the benefits of a hand held wireless remote.

Like the DUAL BAND PLUS the EN-JOY offers the Manual / Automatic switch to select the preferred operation of the engines and thrusters when using the joystick. Depressing the switch on the joystick and moving it will only select the thrusters according to the joystick position. A very useful function making fine adjustments during manoeuvres without engaging the engines.

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For electronic control heads that offer an acceleration option* the remote has 5 profiles selectable that increase the engine rpm over a set period. These are selected by using the ’S’ button and can assist manouvering giving more power during adverse conditions of wind and tide.

When the manoeuvre is to rotate the yacht you have two options. Buttons on the remote can select engines only or engines and thrusters together.

All the functionality at your fingertips.

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For the Joystick lovers the EN-JOY PLUS is the best of the Yacht Controller wireless technologies applied on a joystick!

As with the DUAL BAND PLUS, V.IPS and the EN-JOY the EN-JOY PLUS is configurable with 1 or 2 anchor winches, Bow and Stern thrusters, Acceleration profiles and Automatic/Manual mode.

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Rotate the yacht by rotating the Joystick.

Control of your yacht from the perfect location at any time; all in the palm of your hand.

The owner has the choice with patented and approved wireless control from Yacht Controller.

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Yacht Controller EN-JOY Plus

JCS Plus


JCS PLUS, the Joystick for a fixed location at helm station(s) or additional Joysticks around your yacht.

With a simple movement of the hand, the Joystick allows simultaneous operation of the motors and of the bow and stern thrusters, enabling you to moor and move the boat in any direction simply and precisely. Without risk and danger and with total ease.

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The JCS PLUS is an ergonomic joystick with LCD panel to indicate engines and thrusters active during a manoeuvre. The panel configures the operating modes including Automatic/Manual mode and Acceleration mode (if applicable*). In automatic mode, the engines and thrusters are used simultaneously to aid and facilitate mooring manoeuvres for those with less experience.

In manual mode, the thrusters can be activated as required, both together with the engines or separately, for control of the manoeuvre you wish to perform.

The JCS PLUS can be used alone or add a DUAL BAND or EN-JOY wireless remote so you can transfer control from the JCS PLUS or your chosen wireless remote.

As with all Yacht Controller systems, integration is achieved at the helm station(s) without invasive engine room wiring.

The JCS PLUS joystick is all this: another valid and essential aid for managing your yacht.

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Award Winning Products

NMMA Innovation Award for the “Best Technological Innovation” at the Miami Boat Show, 2004
National Marine Manufacturers Association Innovation Award, 2004
European PowerBoat of the Year Design Award, 2013
DAME Award Nominated, 2014
Other awards at:
Dusseldorf Boat Show, 2014
Genoa Boat Show, 2014
Mets Amsterdam, 2014

Yacht Controller Installations

A selection of yacht brands successfully installed with Yacht Controller:

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• Abati Yachts • Grand Alaska • Pearl • Absolute • Grand Banks • Pershing • Aicon • Hampton Yachts • Phantom • Airon Marine • Harbor Master • Platinum • Alaskan Yachts • Hargrave • Portofino Marine • Albin Express • Hatteras • Powerplay • Allure • Henriques • Prestige • Altima Yachts • Horizon • Princess • Amer • Hunt • Pursuit • American Tug • Innovazioni e Progetti • Queenship • Antema Yachting • Intermare • Raffaelli • Apreamare • Intermarine • Regal • Aquila • Intrepid • Regency • Arredomar • Island Pilot • Rinker • Astondoa • Jeanneau • Riva • Atalntis • Jefferson • Riviera • Azimut • Johnson • Rizzardi • Back Cove • KadeyKrogen • Rodman • Baia • Kobelt Mighty Mariner • Rodriguez Elenco di alcuniMarchiNauticisu cui Yacht Controller è statoistallato con successo: • Baron • Krogen Express • Rose Island • Bavaria • Lagoon • Royal Denship • Bayliner • Lazzara • Sabre • Beneteau • Legacy • San Lorenzo • Beneti • Leopard • Sea Ray • Bertram • Luhrs • Sea Spirit • Bluewater • Lyman Morse • Sealine • Boston Whaler • Magnum • Selene Yachts • Broward • Mainship Trawler • Sessa Marine • Bruckmann • Maiora • Seaway • Burger • Manta Power Cat • Silverton • Cabo • Maritimo • Spirata • Canados • Marlow • Storebro • Cantieri di Sarnico • Marquis • Sundancer • Catamaran • Matthews • Sunny Bridge • Caravelle • Maxum • Sunreef • Carnevali • McKinnon • Sunseeker • Carver • Menorquin Yachts • Symbol Yachts • Cheoy lee Yachts • Meridian • Tango • Cheradi Marine • Morgan Yachts • Technema • Chris Craft • Monte Carlo Yachts • Tempest • Cigarette • Navigator Yachts • Terranova Yachts • Commodore • Neptunus • Thoroughbred • Couach • Nimbus Boats • Tiara • Cranchi • Nordhavn • Tollycraft • Cruisers • Nordic Tugs • Trawler • Dalla Pietà Yachts • Norlund • Trojon • Davis • Norseman • Uniesse • Dominator • Nor-Tech • VanDutch • Duffy and Duffy • Northern • Vicem • Dyna Craft • Novatec • Viking • Eastbay • Numarine • Vitech • Endeavour • Ocean • Vz • Entreprise Marine • Ocean Alexander • Warren • Express Trawler • Ocean Reef • Wendon • Ocean Yacht • West Bay Sonship • Fantasy • Offshore • Westbay • Ferretti • Outer Reef • Westport • Fiart • Pacific Mariner • Westship • Fleming • Palmer Johnson • Windy • FountainePajot • Paragon • Zen Yachts • Galeon • PassageMaker • Gozzare • PDQ

About Us

The History of Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller, recognised by national and international patents, originated in 1999 when the first prototype was developed. A remote control system that could enable a boat to be berthed without assistance using any combination of engines and thruster control all from a wireless remote handset.

After 4 years of continuous development, Yacht Controller was officially launched at the 2002 Genoa Boat Show and aroused immediate interest. The launch slogan was “everyone’s dream is to move freely from bow to stern without having to stay at the helm.” This dream has already come true for thousands of enthusiastic users all over the world.

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The ability to manoeuvre a boat on your own and moor it with the greatest of ease, controlling and correcting its position at all times in complete safety has made Yacht Controller an essential aid for many owners of yachts of all sizes from 28ft to over 150ft.

In 2004, Yacht Controller won the NMMA Innovation Award for “best technological innovation” at the Miami Boat Show.

Our company philosophy aims to continuously innovate with new products. The later release of the DUAL BAND model followed the JCS fixed joystick, the remote hand held joystick EN-JOY and the most recent V.IPS model for pod drives is testament to this philosophy.

The different Yacht Controller models can be integrated with the majority of electronic boat helm control systems on the market and are designed to work with all inbuilt safety systems to ensure the safety and reliability of the installed controls.

The Company

Created to develop innovative advanced technology products for safer and more enjoyable boating, Yacht Controller S.r.l is now an undisputed leader in its field, all over the world.

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Yacht Controller products are designed with great passion for the nautical world. For customers who more and more, every day, are asking for technological innovations to make their time on board more enjoyable. Thanks to Yacht Controller’s experience in electronics via associated companies in the Microfin Group, Axiomtek Italia and Micro Device (world leaders in industrial computers and automation), in a short time Yacht Controller S.r.l has developed a range of products of undisputed quality and success.

Their patented product range is CE and FCC certified by the most important international authorities. It comprises wireless radio controls, monitoring systems and displays (some integrated with a PC) and nautical PCs.

Yacht Controller products are distributed in the UK by Yacht Controller UK, based in Alton in Hampshire.

Contact Us

7 Lower Soldridge Business Park, Soldridge Road,
Medstead, Hampshire, GU34 5JF, United Kingdom

Telephone: 01420 563250
Email: [email protected]

Member of the British Marine Federation (BMF) and
British Marine Electrical and Electronics Association (BMEEA)

Registered in England No: 5643108
Registered Office:
Arnold House, 2 New Road,
Brading, Isle of Wight, PO36 0DT

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