The History of Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller, recognised by national and international patents, originated in 1999 when the first prototype was developed to compensate for the absence in the nautical market of a remote control system that could enable a boat to be berthed without assistance.  After 4 years of continuous development, Yacht Controller was officially launched at the 2002 Genoa Boat Show and aroused immediate interest.  The launch slogan was "everyone's dream is to move freely from bow to stern without having to stay at the helm."  This dream has already come true for thousands of enthusiastic users all over the world.

The ability to manoeuvre a boat on your own and moor it with the greatest of ease, controlling and correcting its position at all times in complete safety has made Yacht Controller an essential aid for many owners of yachts of all sizes from 28ft to over 150ft.

In 2004, Yacht Controller won the NMMA Innovation Award for "best technological innovation" at the Miami Boat Show.

In line with our company philosophy, which aims to continuously innovate with new products, the Dual Band model was later launched.  Now with the Yacht Controller SMART model, it's possible to control up to five functions on a single band unit.  The Joystick JCS system now makes manoeuvring easy, intuitive and stress free.

The different Yacht Controller models can be integrated with most common types of electronic boat control systems on the market and are designed to work with all inbuilt safety systems to ensure the safety and reliability of the installed controls.


The Company

Created to develop innovative advanced technology products for safer and more enjoyable boating, Yacht Controller S.r.l is now an undisputed leader in its field, all over the world.

Yacht Controller products are designed with great passion for the nautical world, for customers who more and more, every day, are asking for technological innovations to make their time on board more enjoyable.  Thanks to Yacht Controller's experience in electronics via associated companies in the Microfin Group, Axiomtek Italia and Micro Device (world leaders in industrial computers and automation), in a short time Yacht Controller S.r.l has developed and put on sale a range of products of undisputed quality and success.

Their patented product range is CE and FCC certified by the most important international authorities.  It comprises wireless radio controls, monitoring systems, LCD displays (some integrated with a PC) and nautical PCs.

Yacht Controller products are distributed in the UK by Yacht Controller UK, based in Alton in Hampshire, who boast over 35 years' experience in the marine industry.

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